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Major benefits at a glance:

Make fitness fun!

The Bouncefit Bouncer makes fitness fun! When something is fun, you're more likely to stick to it! Lets do it!

Make fitness fun!

Melts fat, tones muscle & makes you smile

Easy to store

Folds flat in 30 seconds!

No Stress

Bouncefit is Low-Impact protecting joints & more!

Simple to use

No complicated moves


No power necessary!

Built to last

A-Grade components

“Totally changed my life - I’m more active and happier all day long”

I love Bouncefit - seriously, you have helped me change my life in a way that I never thought possible. I was sceptical at first, I mean bouncing, for weight loss? but I was so fed up with treadmills and gyms that I figured 'what’s the worst that could happen?'. I bought your rebounder and it arrived less then a 5 days later (thanks for the quick delivery by the way) since then I’ve been rebounding every day and ...amazing: You should see the grin on my face... and the way I feel? It’s like flying! It’s literally the best purchase I’ve made for myself in the past 15 years, definitely the one I feel the happiest about and I feel healthier and happier all day long! - Katy Rowe, London

“Thank GOD for Bouncefit - no more treadmills and horrible gyms”

Let me make this clear - I hate gyms. What with sweaty people, and cramped machines I always feel like a hamster in a cage. So I just want to say thank you to Mr.Motivator and his team over at Bouncefit - Thanks to Bouncefit I can work out in the comfort of my own home and have fun too! So far I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, and its really has been a pleasure from start to finish! I bounce for 20 minutes every day (I know your program recommends 12 minutes, but I just can’t help myself!) - Sarah, Edinburgh

“Bouncefit gave me my confidence back”

So I just had to get in contact to tell you my story and to say thanks...after having my second son I put on nearly 5 stone (70lbs). My confidence was at an all time low and I simply was too embarrassed to go to the gym. My friend Angie recommended I try Bouncefit - and I’m amazed. The Bouncefit system has led to me dropping over 4 stone!! I now get looks wherever I go, and I did it all thanks to healthy eating and bouncing every day. - Elizabeth Ann, Wales

"Totally changed my life"

12 minutes a day? I spend nearly 40 minutes every day on this thing, I love it! …There's something about the feeling of weightlessness that just makes me feel absolutely amazing :-) - Jessie, Harrow

“Fun for the whole family!”

So I can't believe I spent £300 on a Nintendo Wii … My wife bought Bouncefit a few weeks ago and my kids seem to love this way more then they do Wii Boxing … they're always arguing who gets to have a go on it first! Seriously though, It's really helping my kids get and stay more active, so thank-you - Daniel Francis, Huddersfield

"You’ve made a real difference to my son"

My son has autism… doing your rebounder workouts seem to calm him, It helps him vent all of the energy he has in a safe and fun way. So I'm writing to you to say how grateful I am. - Charlotte, New York

“Treadmills? Pah!”

After I had knee surgery I was in a right state. It was painful to walk, and my knee ached every time I moved it. I was having real problems until my physio put me on the Bouncefit rebounder. I started out with only a few minutes a day… and within a few weeks my knee was feeling stronger and the pain had almost disappeared completely! - Frank Carlyle, London

“I can play with my Grandkids again”

I'm 68 (I'm pretty sure I'm your eldest customer) and several hip operations have left me with limited mobility. Last christmas my daughter gave me this. I just want to tell you that what you've created is truly wonderful - this is one of the few exercises that helps me stay active day-in day-out and it means I have the strength to play with my Grandkids…" - Trudy Wister, Dover

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